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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tongue Cancer Causes

Tongue Cancer Causes Biography


Before you can understand tongue cancer, you have to understand what causes tongue cancer. Armed with that bit of knowledge you can begin to wade through the hundreds of thousands of articles about tongue cancer on the web and in print. Consider this your starting line in a long race to understanding.
What is Tongue Cancer?

Tongue cancer is a malignant oral cancer that normally starts in squamous cells on surface of tongue or the floor of mouth. Once cancer has taken over these cells, it can continue to spread throughout the mouth and metastasize in other organs in the body.

Usually, tongue cancer means cancer in the forward two-thirds of the tongue, meaning any cancer in the base of the tongue, or the back one-third, is actually throat cancer.
What are some Tongue Cancer Causes?

Smoking is a common tongue cancer cause * from
It’s hard to pin down tongue cancer causes because sometimes people who do not fit any of the risk factors still get tongue cancer. However, most of the time people with tongue cancer do fit one or more of the common tongue cancer causes.

First, tongue cancer is not “catchable” or contagious in any way. There are studies that show a family history of cancer can increase a person’s risk for cancer, but that has nothing to do with exposure to a person with cancer.

Tongue cancer is twice as common in men than women, and most cases of tongue cancer are found in people over the age of 40, especially after 60. It is not normally a young person’s cancer because most things that cause tongue cancer only do so after long exposure or heavy use.

For example, the largest tongue cancer cause is the heavy use of tobacco products (smoking, chewing, or snuffing of any sort).. Alcohol consumption is also highly related to tongue cancer.
Studies have shown that the more alcohol consumed, the higher the risk of oral cancer. And 3 out of 4 people who have tongue cancer or another type of oral cancer smoke, consume large amounts of alcohol, or both smoke and drink regularly.

Put simply, the tongue can’t handle abuse from chemicals in tobacco and alcohol when used regularly or excessively.

Regular exposure to the sun without a sunscreen lip balm or other protection can increase the risk of oral cancers beginning on the lips and then spreading to the tongue.
If a person has already contracted another type of head or neck cancer, he or she has an increased risk for tongue cancer.

How can Tongue Cancer Causes be Avoided?
Be aware that tongue cancer is highly curable if it is caught early, so pay attention to your tongue! In the mean time, there are some things you can do to avoid tongue cancer causes and improve your oral health.

The biggest tongue cancer causes are smoking and drinking, thus taking steps to reduce or quit smoking and drinking alcohol would greatly lower your chances of oral cancer.

When going outside, use lip blam with sunscreen to prevent cancer on your lips. In general, eating more fruits and vegetables can improve your immune system and keep you from having as many health problems, including cancers.

Also, make sure you have good oral hygiene habits. Brushing your tongue regularly can keep your tongue healthy. The best tongue brush is the Orabrush. It removes bad breath causing bacteria and keeps your tongue from contracting harmful infections.

Though the Orabrush can’t guarantee you won’t have tongue cancer, it can improve the health of your tongue and help you avoid tongue cancer causes. Healthier tongues are happier tongues.

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